Transnational religious flows between the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe

Austrian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with ISDS held a workshop on 18th October, 2021. The event, entitled as ‘Transnational religious flows between the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe’ brought together a number of academics who approach the topic of transnational religious flows from a diversity of angles. The speeches covered a wide range of topics from Indonesia via Yemen to the Balkans.



Panel 1: State actors and religious identity

Zoltán Egeresi (ISDS NUPS): Turkish faith-based networks in the Balkans

Zoltán Páll (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Arab encounters in a Malay-dominated religious scene

András Barati (Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies): Transnational activities of charitable foundations of Iran: the case of the Emam Khomeyni Relief Committee


Panel 2: Media and Production Networks

Omar Sayfo (Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, Utrecht University): Transnational networks of media production and distribution in the Arab and Muslim world

Silvia Ilonka Wolf (Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies): Palestine solidarity concerts in Indonesia: creating pious subjectivities through charity


Panel 3: Identity and kinship-based networks

Chris Chaplin (London School of Economics): Between the Global Umma and the University Campus: Salafi Piety, Islamic Activism and the production of Translocal Spaces in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Martin Slama (Austrian Academy of Sciences): (Trans)National Mobility among Indonesian Hadhramis: Religious Authority, Marriage and Social Media

Alexander Weissenburger (Austrian Academy of Sciences): Ansar Allah and the “Axis of Resistance”: The Huthis from a Transnational Perspective


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