Turkey in a Changing World'

Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies has organised its traditional conference entitled 'Turkey in a Changing World' on 10th March. The event aimed at giving PhD students and young researchers the opportunity to present their Turkey-related researches in the form of short presentations. A wide range of topics were discussed by the participants from terror discourse to EU-Turkey relations.


Program of the workshop:


Date: March 10, 2022, 10:00-14:00


Opening Remarks: 10:00-10:10

                        Dr. Zoltán Egeresi, Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies, NUPS


1st Session: 10:10-11:20

Moderator:      Dr. Zoltán Egeresi, ISDS NUPS

Speakers:        Tamás Dudlák, Corvinus University of Budapest:

The rise of civilizational states: Civilizational discourse in Hungary and Turkey in a comparative perspective

Zoltán Lechner, University of Pécs: 

Opposing discourses of terror: The use of the terrorist label by the Turkish and Russian governments in the northern Syrian conflict

Péter Pechnyó, University of Public Service

The migration situation in Turkey


Panel discussion: 11:40-12:50

Moderator:      Zoltán Lechner, University of Pécs

Speakers:        Serra Can, Sakarya University:

Turkey and the EU: Chances and Challenges in the new Era

Melek Adsiz, Corvinus University of Public Service

NATO’s transformation and Turkish-American relations after the Cold War

Dávid Biró, Eötvös Loránd University:

Turkey’s Policy Towards the South Caucasus - Results of the Past Decades


Closing remarks: 12:50-13:00

Dr. Zoltán Egeresi, Institute for Strategic and Defence Studies, NUPS


Lunch: 13:00-14:00