German-Hungarian Security Policy Dialogue

The primary aim of the project is to establish a platform for German and Hungarian experts, where they can discuss their ideas concerning relevant security and defense policy issues.

In cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, ISDS will publish a new volume, in which 12 authors (6 German, 6 Hungarian) will briefly assess 6 different topics from a German as well as from a Hungarian perspective.


The volume will be available online and in a printed format as well. The list of the topics is the following:

  1. Historic perspectives on German-Hungarian Relations from 1990
  2. Evaluating European and Foreign Policy Aspects of the Merkel era
  3. The Future of German-Hungarian Relations
  4. German-Hungarian Defense Policy Relations
  5. The Strategic Situation of the EU
  6. Notions of European Strategic Autonomy